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Featured pictures in Wikipedia

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

This page highlights the finest images on Wikipedia. The featured picture criteria explain that featured pictures must be freely licensed or in the public domain, must be of a high technical quality, and must add significantly to at least one article on Wikipedia. There are currently 6,869 featured pictures, and they are categorized below by the topic they represent. All featured pictures are also available in a category.

If you wish to add a specific image to this page, please nominate it at Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates.

One or more featured pictures are chosen as the picture of the day (POTD). You can include a box displaying the current POTD anywhere (e.g. your user page) by adding the text {{pic of the day}} or {{POTD}} where you want the picture to be shown.

Featured pictures from all Wikimedia projects can be browsed by subject or by country on Wikimedia Commons.

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Directory of featured pictures


2017, cuba, jardines aggressor, los indios, nassau grouper maw (36883128693).jpg Mistletoebird - Round Hill Nature Reserve.jpg 2017, cuba, jardines aggressor, playa bonita, spineyhead blennie (23700572188).jpg
» subpages: amphibians, arachnids, birds, cnidarians, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish, insects, mammals, molluscs, reptiles, others


Kefermarkt Kirche Flügelaltar Verkündigung 02.jpg
+3 others
Carl Blechen - The Interior of the Palm House on the Pfaueninsel Near Potsdam - 1996.388 - Art Institute of Chicago.jpg Utah Desert Monolith.jpg
» subpages: East Asian art, literary illustrations, paintings, sculpture, others

Culture, entertainment, and lifestyle

Al quartiere latino, bozzetto di Adolf Hohenstein per La Bohème (1896) - Archivio Storico Ricordi ICON000086 - Restoration.jpg Robert Jacob Hamerton - Poster for F. C. Burnand and Arthur Sullivan's The Contrabandista.jpg State Fair (1933 film poster) - Restoration.jpg
» subpages: culture and lifestyle, entertainment, religion and mythology, sport, theatre


DAN-13-Danzig-100 Mark (1922).jpg DAN-14-Danzig-500 Mark (1922).jpg DAN-15-Danzig-1000 Mark (1922).jpg
» subpages: American currency, Asian currency, European currency, USA banknotes, USA coins, Other

Diagrams, drawings, and maps

Everest-3D-Map-Type-EN.jpg Survey of Palestine 1942-1958 1-100,000 sheet index georef.png Europe in 1923.jpg
» subpages: diagrams, drawings, maps

Engineering and technology

Bicycle crankset Shimano 105 R7000 (chainring 50-34, length 172.5mm, 11 speed).jpg Harpon Unaaq MHNT ETH AC 198.jpg Neo-Geo-CD-TopLoader-wController-FL.jpg
» subpages: electronics, machinery, weaponry, others. See also: vehicles

Food and drink

Tastee-Candy-Apple-Red-Caramel-wPeanuts.jpg Kifli made with spelt flour (Serbian cuisine).jpg Cinnamomum verum spices.jpg
» more ...


Hortus Haren 18-05-2019. (actm.) 03.jpg Hygrocybe miniata - Ferndale Park.jpg Nevelzwam (nebularis) tussen afgevallen beukenblad (d.j.b.) 01.jpg
» more ...


F.O.C. Darley and Alexander Hay Ritchie - Sherman's March to the Sea.jpg Entrance Hall of Mr Chas. Green's house, Savannah Ga, now occupied as Head Quarters by Gen Sherman.jpg Mamoru Shigemitsu signs the Instrument of Surrender, officially ending the Second World War.jpg
» subpages: American history, other history, American Civil War, World War I, World War II, other wars

Natural phenomena

Iceberg in the Arctic with its underside exposed.jpg Noru 2017-07-31 0415Z.jpg
» subpages: atmospheric optics, weather, others


Vernon E. Jordan working on a voter education project.jpg Valerie L. Thomas standing with a stack of early Landsat Computer Compatible Tapes.jpg Old peasant with dagger and long smoking pipe, Mestia, Svanetia, Georgia (Republic).jpg
» subpages: artists and writers, business, entertainment, military, political, religious figures, royalty and nobility, science and engineering, sport, traditional dress, others

Photographic techniques, terms, and equipment

Passiflora caerulea STEREO (R-L) 2019-06-27.jpg Strip photo of San Francisco Cable Car 10.jpg
» more ...


Eureka Inn, Entrance Hall.jpg 2019 - Nationalpark Jasmund - 03.jpg SL Anuradhapura asv2020-01 img31 Abhayagiriya Stupa.jpg
» subpages: architecture, interiors, landscapes, panorama, urban, others


Raspberry - whole (Rubus idaeus).jpg Raspberry - halved (Rubus idaeus).jpg Raspberries (Rubus idaeus).jpg
» subpages: flowers, fruits, others


Roses des Sables Tunisie.jpg Tazieffite - Mutnovsky volcano, Kamchatka, Russia (Color SEM).jpg Himalayan salt (coarse).jpg
» subpages: biology, geology, materials science, mathematics, others. See also: astronomy.


Apollo 4 liftoff - GPN-2006-000038.jpg NASA spacecraft comparison.jpg
» subpages: getting there, looking back, looking out, panorama, understanding


Cable Car No. 1 and Alcatraz Island.jpg Agence Rol - 23-10-11, Toulon, cuirassé Suffren.jpg Parked boats at Anjarle Creek.jpg
» subpages: air, land, water

Other lifeforms

The ciliate Frontonia sp.jpg Staphylococcus aureus, 50,000x, USDA, ARS, EMU.jpg Flagellum base diagram-en.svg
» subpages: bacteria, protists


Ebola Virus - Electron Micrograph.tiff Train station with train and coal depot by Gustave Le Gray1.jpg
» more ...